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Thank you for visiting our site. We are here with over 50 years of combined experience to help create the fulfillment of your dreams and to identify your wants and needs through your vision. We can then shape your ideas into reality by working together.

The images on this web site are striking examples of our Standard and Custom Log Home Plans and Designs. Some are constructed from our trademark hand-peeled logs while others show our milled profiles. Each log home is a unique example of what can be accomplished by working together to fulfill your wants and needs.

Notice the company produces a full log home (absent of metal plates) with hand-peeled red pine logs to roof line on gable (end) walls, exposed log roof rafters, exposed log floor joist, exposed log girders, log support posts, and ridge beam.  All of which provides you with an affordable authentic log home.

We are pleased to provide free estimates to anyone who may consider a log home building project.

You Build-Builder Assistance-NO CHARGE

Adirondack Country Log Homes provides 40 hours of hands-on construction help for you to begin the first three courses of logs or at any other time of your choosing. We want you to be successful!

Maintenance Assistance - NO CHARGE

Simply put, any wood that is exposed to the elements requires protection, no matter what species or how it has been treated. Adirondack Country Log Homes will apply the first preservative application and maintain preservative application as necessary through the 5th year after purchasing from us.

Our current selection of Log Home Plans are here for your review.  Many of our Custom Log Home are actually modified versions of our Standard Log Homes. Some folks even pull bits and pieces of different Log Home Plans into a design that reflects their own particular vision of the Log Home Living experience. We encourage all of our clients not to become too caught up in the Log Home Plans as we have shown them, but rather to use our selection of Log Home Designs as a "starting point" for your own Log Home Design.

You may be initially attracted by the exterior look of a particular Country Log Home design and then modify or in some cases completely re-work the interior layout to suit your own particular needs and tastes.
















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