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Adirondack Country Log Homes introduces Adirondack 2nd Home

Adirondack 2nd Home is a specialized company dedicated to the protection of one of your most valuable assets, your second home. We provide a comprehensive range of real estate services for the absentee homeowner.

With nearly 30 years experience in all areas of real estate services, including property development, management, marketing and construction management as well as services coordinated for homeowners and homeowners associations.

Adk2ndHome recognizes your second home is a valuable asset you want to protect. Given the limited amount of time you have in that home, as well as its ever-increasing value, we know that peace of mind in your absence is a serious concern. The following is a brief overview of some of the services Adk2ndHome coordinates:

Property Inspections

Weekly, bi-monthly or seasonal inspections. Written checklist with photo verification Reporting provided via web interface.

Property Services

Lawn Maintenance

Snow Removal

Blown Down Tree Removal

Spring & Fall Property Preparation


Dock Repairs


General Carpentry and Repair

Construction Bid Preparation

Negotiation, awarding and monitoring for general maintenance and repairs is also available.  Timely and competent maintenance is the key to protecting your investment.  Our goal is to provide you with this service using only qualified contractors.

Emergency & Disaster Coordination

We also understand it is difficult to drop everything and respond in an emergency situation. We can respond to any situation: *storm, fire, flood, etc., * coordinate with insurance companies, stabilization, and contractor bids, * provide initial photos as well as progress photos, * the above will be available via secure web interface.

Contact Us for additional information on our property management services.






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